A complete mobile solution for local authorities

The Cloud9 Citizen Mobile app provides the most comprehensive mobile solution available for local authorities looking to engage with their residents.

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Check waste collection days

Residents can check when the next waste collections are for their property at the tap of a button. If there are any changes to their regular collection dates - for example due to public holidays - then they will also be informed of this by the app. They can also see information about what items can be recycled and what should go in each of their bins.

Automated bin reminders

To help reduce the number of missed collections, residents can also sign up for automatic notifications to remind them to put the right bins out at the right time. They can choose the time of their notifications, either the night before or the morning of their collection. This feature has been extremely popular with residents using the app!

mobile app

Available for both iOS and Android to ensure maximum coverage


Direct integration with a range of CRM and other back-office systems

Cloud-based administration

Our powerful cloud-based administration tools deliver fast and secure updates

Find nearby council facilities

Help the public to easily locate nearby facilities such as car parks, public conveniences, libraries, museums, leisure facilities, recycling centres or any other council facilities. Provide further details and information such as location, opening hours, facilities available, associated costs or any other useful information.

Fully integrated mapping

Fast and responsive native mobile maps are available throughout the app to provide the best possible user experience. This enables residents to view a wide range of information from the latest planning applications to nearby places to eat along with details of their food-hygiene ratings.

Build your own forms to report issues

Using our drag-and-drop forms designer you can build and deploy a new form in minutes. You can also include advanced mobile-friendly form fields such as address pickers, location maps and photo uploads. With our tools local authorities have built forms to report issues, raise repairs and handle a wide range of service requests. Submitted forms can be integrated with back-office systems or simply sent as an email.

View planning applications

View nearby planning applications on your phone including full details such as the proposal, status, important dates and councillor contacts. Applications can either be viewed in a list or on a map.

Find local councillors

View details of all councillors, including the local councillors for your ward. You can easily find their contact details if you want to get in touch.


Manage all aspects of the mobile app using the online portal. Dashboard screens provide details of usage and notifications sent and you can administer each of the app modules and all related data.